Idealtek has done a wonderful job for us at Marberry Machine for a number of years. Network upgrades, cyber security, phones, you name it! If you have any IT needs please give them a chance. Nigel is a stand up guy.

C.MarberryMarberry Machine

Nigel is an excellent Information Technology resource that was invaluable in creating and maintaining the systems at ODS International. Building many of the IT strategies and systems from the ground up, he was intrumental in shifting the company to a global entity with seamless connectivity. Nigel would be an excellent resource for any company looking to build or improve.

Brandon NelsonODS International

As an engineering manager at ODS which was growing rapidly I needed competent assistance in the provision of hardware, wireless devices, software licensing and network administration. Nigel repeatedly resolved these issues with speed and professionalism. His knowledge of IT was considerable from writing scripts to strategic planning. Above all he proved to be reliable.

Craig WeemsODS International

Nigel is the ‘go to’ person for many technical issues and has never backed away from a challenge nor been afraid to ask for assistance when needed. His eagerness to learn coupled with an already significant base of knowledge in his field as well as many others, such as human resources and corporate governance, has made Nigel an exceptional asset to ODS.

Dirk KolnsbergODS International

Nigel is very bright and possesses a unique curiosity to continuously assess and learn of new technologies and solutions in a self-directed manner. He handles a high volume of applications and infrastructure related requests while managing longer term development efforts. Nigel maintains an appropriate demeanor when interacting with Employees.

Greg PlotnerClover Global Solutions

Nigel has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. He is definitely a leader rather than a follower. In addition to his excellent work ethic, He is also dependable team player. His good judgment and mature outlook ensure a logical and practical approach to his endeavors. Nigel would be an asset to any organization.

Lane HusseyHughes Christensen

Nickel Idealtek Inc. deliver what they promise. After working with several vendors who never seemed to understand our needs or our business, David developed a system that works for us and continues to make sure that our needs are met. We count on Nickel Idealtek Inc. and they take care of our needs with integrity and value. Even though we are not his only clients, he makes us feel as if we are.

Mark W

We have been using the IT services of David Nguyen with Nickel Idealtek Inc. for many years. He has implemented our entire network of computer systems, has answered all of our IT questions and solved problems as they have arisen. We appreciate the prompt service and knowledge that he provides for our company. We look forward to a long and continued relationship!

Cromdane Steel, Inc.

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