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Your Local Partner in IT Excellence

Nickel Idealtek Inc. is your trusted Managed Service Provider, dedicated to simplifying IT for small businesses in the Houston metro area. With our team's expertise and local insight, we ensure that your IT infrastructure is not just maintained but optimized for your business's success.

At Nickel Idealtek, we know you are the kind of people who want to run thriving organizations. To be that way, you and your team need to stay productive and get stuff done, simply put. To make this a reality, in this current “virtual-first” world we find ourselves in, you need I.T. systems and tools that allow your and your team to collaborate and work from anywhere seamlessly, whether in the office or working from home.

The problem is that many firms today don’t have such capability. This is due to out-of-date, legacy systems which keep them stuck in the old way of working. Not only that, but they leave themselves wide-open to ever-increasing online cybersecurity threats, which puts their business at risk.

Friendly and Responsive Service

We believe that no organization should be stuck in this position. We understand that getting all of your ducks in a row can be challenging and get your I.T. systems and software up-to-scratch. Not every business has the resources in-house to make it happen. Nor do they have the time with their current workload.

That’s where we at Nickel Idealtek can help. For over 24 years, we have been managing I.T. for businesses in the Greater Houston Area so they can get back to what they do best; growing their business.

So what are you waiting for?! Schedule a call with us today. Stop being held back by I.T. Let’s propel your organization forward with the latest cloud-based productivity and collaboration tools and technologies so that your business can thrive into the future!
As your I.T. services partner, we’ll work with you closely through weekly tactical meetings to ensure that your I.T. requirements are aligned with your business objections. That means having the ability to delivering exceptional business value, gain market share and achieve your EoY targets.

Mission Statement

Nickel Ideal Tek Inc. seeks to provide the highest value of technical service to our client partners for the investment. We deliver this service via highly skilled and valued expert employees.