Why Us?

Based on the Houston Business Journals analysis of the US Census bureau data from 2010 Houston has 119,005 small businesses (defined as having less than 100 employees). additionally 73% of small business in Houston (86,854) are actually considered micro-businesses by the Business Journal having fewer than 10 employees.

Nickel IdealTek Inc core focus is on Small businesses from 5 to 30 employees that have need of a networked computer infrastructure. These companies typically cannot justify a dedicated employee or department for IT support. IT personnel are typically good at handling multiple roles in a business but this split focus reduces the stability of the computing and communications infrastructure.

Split focus IT Personnel typically let technical training slide and become less capable of responding to rapidly changing technologies. Split focus IT Personnel may also delay or neglect critical disaster preparedness or system maintenance that could lead to fatal loss of data that could cripple or kill a small business.

Nickel IdealTek Inc is committed to achieving and maintaining industry certifications with all client facing technical employees. We can work well with the existing IT staff to “fill the gaps” and assist where needed taking the mundane and routine maintenance tasks of the clients split focus IT staff. Nickel IdealTek Inc can also bring resources to bear on a disaster recovery situation.

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