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The average small to medium business spends(SMB) $1900 per employee per year on technology support after the initial purchase. This represents 6-15% of the average SMBs revenue. This is a significant and ongoing investment that must provide a decent return on your money. If you are constantly losing connections to the server, email or cloud services you can lose thousands of dollars of lost productivity quickly. If you get hit by a virus or malware your employees can lose hours per day. If your PC is slow to boot or not running optimally due to bad hardware or missed service packs your employees are not as productive as they could be. How much money are you losing to inefficiencies?

Nickel Idealtek has released a new managed services offering to our customers. This offering will improve the stability of your network, Servers and PC’s by proactively monitoring, managing and repairing issues often before the user has noticed any issues. This service will assure you your IT investment is being maintained at the best possible level for your employees use.  The service helps to reduce downtime of your infrastructure. The managed services also provides predictability in billings and discounted labor rate for all other services.

The core of this offering is regular scheduled onsite maintenance of your entire IT environment.  These scheduled visits will occur regularly and address a service script tailored to your specific environment. These service scripts at a minimum will:

  • Visually inspect all core infrastructure hardware for damage or failures
  • Validate onsite backups of core servers
  • Apply white-listed service packs and updates to servers and infrastructure
  • Review server event logs

In addition to the onsite service we will apply a desktop application that monitors every PC and server on your network for hardware failures, software issues, event log issues, malware/virus scanning and remote assistance. When the desktop application detects an issue a ticket will automatically be raised in our system and we will address the tickets usually after hours without user interruption unless we need to come onsite to complete the task outside of our scheduled visit time.

webroot Virus and Malware scanning software is included in the offering and does not require an additional purchase unless you wish to continue using a different software.

If a covered PC becomes infected with malware or a virus removal and remediation* is included.

Simultaneously we are releasing a US based phone support line that based on your service contract can be answered 24/7 for remote assistance.

Schedule a complementary appointment to discuss how we can increase your revenues by utilizing your IT investments better.

*Remediation only covers licensed software and data that install media and where verified backups exist.

Download (PDF, 202KB)

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